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  I grew up in the rural Sierra Nevadas, near the Yuba River.  Apart from music, I enjoy carpentry and other trade work as a nice counterpoint to being hunched over an instrument.

  I see both storytelling and acoustic music as important ways of bringing people together, hopefully serving as a healthy alternative to our modern-day barrage of screens and infowars. 

Bioregionalism is at the heart of my ethic, and ultimately, even though we live in a melting pot of cultures from around the world, we still need to try to focus on our immediate surroundings - the plants, trees, wildlife, traditions, art, cultures and watersheds.


David McLean

  A flamenco guitarist and composer, David McLean’s musical wanderings finally converged in Granada, Spain, where he studied for several years under renowned guitarists Rafaelin Habichuela, Emilio Maya, and Ramon del Paso. He later moved to Jerez de la Frontera, where he focused on the art of traditional vocal and dance accompaniment, studying under Pascual de Lorca, Jose Galvez, and others.


  Since returning from Spain, David has performed in hundreds of traditional and contemporary flamenco productions, from local venues to stages throughout the United States and Europe. His compositional works extend to an eclectic variety of contexts outside of his mainstay: contemporary stage-adaptations such as Cervantes’, “Don Quixote” and Lorca’s “Blood Wedding”; music for balkan, jazz, middle-eastern, and other flamenco-infused musical ensembles; and in various recording collaborations. In 2007, he released his debut CD “Found in Spain”, a series of original pieces rooted in traditional flamenco forms.


  The San Francisco Chronicle calls his music “subtly driving” and “sinuous”, and Just Jazz Guitar Magazine writes of his music that it is “a unique sculpture of chord color, raw guts, and effusive linear tapestries. McLean’s compositions fly freely between dark ferocities and uplifting forays that touch the clouds, sometimes within only a few measures”.