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  I discovered drumming in my village when I was 15. I did not know it would take me this far in life. I fell in love and started a journey of learning and understanding.

I realized the value of what I discovered, and it turned to be more than just for fun.


  Since coming to America, I followed a path to create a life and a community that revolves around the rhythm, to reestablish a drumming and music tradition that would keep being fresh and lively and all inclusive. 

Faisal Zedan


Born in  Beirut, Lebanon, and raised in Oum Dbaib, Syria, Faisal Zedan grew up impassioned with the Derbakki drum. A great love for percussion and years of practice resulted in a mastery of Arabic percussion instruments including the Derbekki, Dahullah, Riq, and Def (Arabic/Turkish frame drum).


Arriving in California in 1992, Faisal met UCLA's noted ethnomusicology professor Dr. Ali Jihad Racy and, at his invitation,  joined the acclaimed UCLA Near East Music Ensemble. This was the beginning of a national and international musical career dedicated to the transformative power of rhythm. Faisal is currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and works regularly as a performer, collaborator and teacher.

Faisal has worked with a diverse array of musicians, including:
Aieto Moreira, The Gorillaz, Joan Baez, Miriam Peretz, Khaleel Shaheed, Yuval Ron, Salim Sesler, Faruk Taqbilek, Hasan Iskul, Yair Dalal, and Rumen Shopov.