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I never chose to be a musician, but a viola was placed in my hands when I was three.


I studied classical viola till I was thirteen, when I discovered the bass guitar. From there I found it easy to play anything with strings.

I have focused on the concert bass since the age of fifteen, mainly because American Jazz intrigued me. My love of Jazz lead to my exploration of music from cultures around the world.

Music and language are the threads of culture that last through history.

I earned my baccalaureate in humanities with a concentration in music. My music and my life have been motivated by my bass mentor Mark Culbertson, by Rabbi Henry Shreibman, and by my mother who placed that small viola in my hands.

Patrick Kelly

upright bass

Patrick Kelly has been performing on public stages in his home town of Petaluma for over thirteen years. A graduate of Dominican University, Kelly plays a rich mix of jazz, ethnic, funk, folk, and electronic music. He has played with bands such as Finit, TV Broken Third Eye Open, The Crux, and The Petaluma Jazz Jam, and Ali Paris.